Our Teacher

Ed Sangetsu Sullivan

SensEi | Soto Zen Priest

Edward Sangetsu Sullivan is a Sensei (teacher) in the White Plum lineage of Zen and a Soto Zen priest. He first started meditating over forty years ago and has practiced a variety of meditation techniques. He received Dharma transmission from Roshi Bruce Seiryu Blackman in 2014. Later he ordained as a Soto Zen priest receiving Shukke Tokudo in 2016 from Roshi Jules Shuzen Sensei; Sangetsu completed Denkai in 2021. Currently, Sangetsu Sensei is the resident teacher at the Red Rose Sangha in Lancaster, PA. In 1985, he completed his doctorate in economics at The Pennsylvania State University. He is a Professor Emeritus of Business Administration and Economics at Lebanon Valley College, where he founded a program that teaches contemplative practices to students, faculty, and staff of the college.